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Le , par comtois


Hello everybody,

After a long delay (currently due to lack of time in my personal life, which I hope will get better soon), here is the first beta of the 5.70 LTS version which brings a bunch of new things ! First, a big thanks to Timo (Fr34k) who did a brand new subsystem for Linux: QT . Thanks to Guillot and Comtois for the new 3D functions ! Other cool stuffs are available, for example DPI support for Windows (the IDE is compiled with this switch on so you can test). Here is the full list of changes:

- Added: Brand new QT subsystem for Linux
- Added: DPI aware support for Windows app (/DPIAWARE compiler switch and DPI Aware check in IDE)
- Added: #PS, #NPS, #PS$ and #NPS$ constants (Path seperator character depending of the OS)
- Added: #PB_JSON_NoClear support to ExtractJSONStructure
- Added: #PB_Path_Winding filling mode for VectorDrawing
- Added: DesktopResolutionX(), DesktopResolutionY(), DesktopScaleX(), DesktopScaleY(), DesktopUnscaleX(), DesktopUnscaleY()
- Added: an optional 'Mode' parameter for OpenConsole() to specify the string format to use
- Added: #PB_Vehicle_IsInContact, #PB_Vehicle_ContactPointX/Y/Z, #PB_Vehicle_ContactPointY/Z for GetVehicleAttribute()
- Added: #PB_Vehicle_ContactPointNormalX/Y/Z, #PB_Vehicle_ContactPointNormalY/Z, #PB_Vehicle_CurrentSpeedKmHour, #PB_Vehicle_ForwardVectorX/Y/Z
- Added: #PB_Material_ProjectiveTexturing for SetMaterialAttribute()
- Added: ParticleScaleRate(), ParticleAngle(), CameraReflection()
- Added: BuildMeshManualLod(), BuildMeshLod(), MeshVertex(), CreateDataMesh()
- Added: EntityDirection(), EntityDirectionX(), EntityDirectionY(), EntityDirectionZ()
- Added: #PB_Local/#PB_Parent/#PB_World support for ApplyEntityForce(), ApplyEntityImpulse(), ApplyEntityTorque() and ApplyEntityTorqueImpulse()

Have fun and don't hesitate to reports any found issues !

The Fantaisie Software Team
Information complémentaire

About the DPI aware feature, it's currently Windows only and works automatically: all GUI elements are scaled automatically depending of the monitor DPI settings. That means than you can still create your GUI using absolute values, it will scale correctly. That said, some gadget (like CanvasGadget(), ImageGadget() etc.) won't scale their content automatically, so you will need to use the new Desktop DPI functions to allow proper support. The IDE has been adapted for DPI support in a very short time, with only canvas based gadget which needed some adjustment. Dialog library is also fully DPI compliant !
Concernant les fonctions 3D de cette version, c'est surtout le travail de Guillot, je me suis contenté d'ajouter de nouvelles constantes à la bibliothèque Vehicle.

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